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  • Enables people from different departments, locations, and companies to work as if they were in the same location by providing a single, secure environment to coordinate project activities

  • Provides managers and stakeholders with instant visibility into the status of critical projects, programs, and business processes

  • Enables internal and externally-based teams to apply encryption and security policies to content that they develop as part of their collaborative activities, and to optionally protect content so that it remains under control even if it is removed from the eRoom environment

  • Promotes rapid adoption through an intuitive browser interface that is universally accessible, simple to use, and easily adaptable to the unique requirements of each project or process

EMC Documentum eRoom

Extending the power and value of team collaboration with information protection

Web-based collaboration has become the preferred way for knowledge workers to communicate and coordinate with one another. In today’s workplace, people tend to execute independently within distributed teams. These teams need to work closely, productively, and creatively toward common goals and deliverables. They need to plan, collaborate, and make decisions as they design and build new products, coordinate their supply chain, work with external clients, and pursue other key business initiatives. EMC® Documentum® eRoom® 7.4 makes that possible.

Enabling effective and secure collaboration across the enterprise and beyond

eRoom is a flexible, secure, accessible, and highly intuitive web-based, shared digital workspace. It is the center of collaborative activity where distributed team members can store project content, communicate and share ideas, assign tasks, and manage deliverables over the Web using a shared project context. With eRoom, team members can reduce their reliance on e-mail and work more securely with others across the enterprise, and collaborate easily with external partners, suppliers, and clients.

With the addition of information rights management (IRM), eRoom enables users to apply additional levels of protection to organize content automatically or manually, ensuring that information remains under the strict control of document owners no matter where the file resides. This protection is completely configurable by the eRoom administrator and can be maintained indefinitely.

eRoom enables cross-functional and inter-enterprise collaboration so workgroups can manage and execute large-scale projects, programs, and processes faster and more effectively. With eRoom you can:

  • Mobilize the team and get people going right away: Kick off a project by selecting people from the enterprise directory and inviting them into the eRoom workspace. eRoom sends an e-mail invitation and hyperlink. Because it integrates natively with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other desktop applications, users can leverage eRoom immediately, saving their business files directly in the workspace for others to view.

  • Easily manage and coordinate multiple projects at once: The dashboard feature of eRoom provides project and program managers with instant visibility into a variety of important information such as events, tasks, and status, across multiple eRoom workspaces. You can also use your portal environment to display key eRoom project elements along with other important application data.

  • Create a project plan for your team: Create tasks and milestones, assign owners and deadlines, and begin executing right away. View task relationships and interdependencies with Gantt chart views and enable team members to update their own progress as well as report on the status of task groupings or the entire project.

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