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Through flexible, user-friendly web-based collaborative workspaces, eRoom enables companies to accelerate and enhance the development and delivery of products and services, and improve knowledge-sharing, decision-making, and problem-solving.

  • Discuss issues and make decisions faster: Hold real-time, on-the-fly meetings—great for dealing with issues, planning, and group editing of files and documents. Create a threaded discussion to deal with complex issues. Use dynamic polling to drive consensus on open issues.

  • Keep everyone in sync—no matter how large the team or how complex the project: Use instant or daily notifications and alerts to keep everyone updated. Enable team members to remotely access key project information online and work on it offline.

  • Share and finalize important documents safely and efficiently: Use full-text search to locate and reuse documents or data, then employ version tracking to maintain a history of changes for each document, without losing iterative versions. Quickly configure a multi-step approval process to get sign-off on important documents and deliverables.

  • Roll up key project information: Use an enterprise overview to provide top-down visibility into a larger portfolio of connected project records.

  • Complete projects faster and improve work processes: Use standard eRoom templates as the starting point for new workplaces. Or use your own eRoom workplaces as templates for future projects, leveraging a saved repository of plans, procedures, discussions, and proven solutions. In either case, projects move to completion quickly and users improve their own processes with each project, all without assistance from the IT department!

  • Share and collaborate files securely: In addition to its power and ease-of-use, eRoom employs robust security. Every item in an eRoom, no matter what it is—file, folder, discussion, project plan, and so on—has its own access control, which includes the ability to restrict who may open, edit, or view it. For example, a discussion thread about a new product under development could be completely hidden from everyone on the team except those directly involved.

The latest version of eRoom adds native information rights management to these security controls, which makes it easy for distributed teams to collaborate securely without fear of information leaks.

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