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building looks as if it is divided into three vertical sections. One section faces the rest of the pier while another faces the city, sandwiching a skinny section in the middle. The one facing the rest of the pier is very simple in design, having a rectangular facade with window openings evenly distributed. The section that faces the city and the Erasmus Bridge is the most interesting portion of the building. The facade is clad with a green curtain wall system that is complemented by green lights distributed evenly over the glass facade. The lights work as a giant billboard and the patterns they create are easiest to see at night time or on an overcast day. These patterns change and move throughout the day. The facade is equipped with a monochrome, 2922 square metres screen consisting of 896 square lamps in a 22x41 grid creating a 37.8m x 72m image or animation. Obviously, design possibilities are limited. At the moment the .BMP (Bitmap) file format is used to trigger the screen. This means that in order to display an image, the system needs a black and white bitmapped image of 22x41 pixels. Any black pixel will turn on the corresponding square green osram lamp. Displaying animations requires a 41 pixel high bitmap of which the width depends on the amount of frames: an 18 frame loop results in an 18x22=396 pixel wide image.

Fig. 22 An 18 frame bitmap image [source: http://greenlightdistrict.initworks.nl/#start]

Virtually anyone’s design can be part of the skyline in Rotterdam. Through a web site everyone can submit a design for the KPN screen. This screen represents the idea of a two way visual communication. Unlike the NASDAQ screen the KPN screen allows the viewer to be a part of it.

Physical Computing:

Using Everyday Objects as Communication tools

Fig. 20 KPN Telecom Building, Rotterdam [source:http://greenlightdistrict.initworks.n l/#4]

Fig. 21 KPN Telecom Building, Rotterdam [source:ibid]


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