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idea is to use a communication channel that doesn’t require an immediate response from the other part. Web are you? Is more of a company or presence; communication is there but in a very subtle way. It’s a reminder once in a while during the day of each other’s mood state. Like a snapshot that shows a smiling or frowning family member.



Following the investigation of the systems described in the above section, I have outlined the criteria I believe are necessary for physical systems. Even though I presented examples from various scales I want to underline the essence of these examples.

Physical Properties A device that is rugged enough so that it can be handled and manipulated by the user without the possibility of ruining it. Having also the size and the materials that emphasize its physical / tangible entity.

Function A device that creates a conversation between the physical world and the digital world of the computer. That works as a transducer or a converter of one form of energy into another, by which I mean the electrical energy of the computer into the physical energy of a tangible device.

Communication - Emotion A device that enables users to pass a message or an emotion to others. I strongly believe that the emotional factor is essential for intelligent machines. Donald A. Norman [2004] adds that the objects in our lives are more than mere material possessions. A favourite object actually is a symbol, setting up a positive frame in our minds, a reminder of a pleasant memory, or an expression of one’s self. There is something

Physical Computing:

Using Everyday Objects as Communication tools


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