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In this chapter I will compare the initial statements of my Hypothesis with the evaluation of my experiments. I want to discuss if indeed a conversation between the physical word and the digital word of the computer has an impact on users. Another key factor of my quest is the extent of the emotional stimulation that this conversion had to the user.


Physical Computing and impact

HAL is indeed an example that demonstrates the embodiment of Physical Computing. As I mentioned before, the subjects were intrigued with the idea that they were receiving “machine” code, which they couldn’t understand at all and they had to upload to HAL in order to figure out what it was about. By this process they could realize the conversion of one form of energy into another. It’s about computation that moves beyond the traditional confines of the screen and attempts to incorporate itself into our experience of the physical word, into HAL. This conversion was taking place right in front of their eyes.

One could say that this happens everyday, especially when we connect an external device to our PC, for instance a second monitor or a projector. I believe that most of us cannot understand, even If we read, how a computer screen converts the digital signals into images. I think the power of HAL lies in its physical properties. It’s not a high-tech screen, but a tangible and understandable device that lets the user manipulate its functions. The user, having this option, is confronted with a continuum of possibilities. Probably this could be the idea of the real interaction, meaning the fact to interact with an open-system rather than a set- system. Throughout this process the user can have a pleasant

Physical Computing:

Using Everyday Objects as Communication tools


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