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McCullough believes that these shifts suggest more emphasis on quiet architecture, simply because physical architecture is relieved from its struggle to be at the fashionable centre of attention, and a return to what it does better that is the enduring formation of periphery.

Even though Physical Computing enables us to create events in space it doesn’t mean that we have found the ultimate solution to every need. It’s just that architects seem to have another tool at their disposal. As design participation broadens in digital technology, architects should awaken to these issues. It’s about time to start seeing things as overlapping subjects which are causing social consequences.


Future developments

HAL did not reach its final stage. This would be the use of ad-hoc13 communication in order for a user to be able to send programs directly to a distant HAL through a network or to connect two HALs together. This task would be a goal for a future development that will probably give new feedback to the objectives. Another essential aspect is the development of the interface that will allow users to program HAL without machine code but through a simple graphical representation that will automatically create the program. However, the experiments with HAL in this more manual version showed that play comprises a lot of learning, especially when it comes to software data structures. Another future development would also be the addition of a secondary circuit that will extend the resolution of HAL beyond the restrictive 6X6 array.

13 In computer networking, ad-hoc is a connection method for wireless LANs that requires no base station — devices discover others within range to form a network for those computers. Devices may search for target nodes that are out of range by flooding the network with broadcasts that are forwarded by each node. Connections are possible over multiple nodes (multihop ad-hoc network). Routing protocols then provide stable connections even if nodes are moving around randomly .[source:Wikipedia]

Physical Computing:

Using Everyday Objects as Communication tools


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