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Guide for Financial Aid Recipients at CWU

2011-2012 Welcome to Central

We are pleased to offer you a financial aid award to attend Central Washington University during the 2011- 2012 academic year. This offer is contingent on your eligibility at the time of disbursement.

IMPORTANT! You must accept or decline your Student Aid at www.cwu.edu, select Wildcat Connec- tion, Safari. Requires CWU ID and Pin.

Please Note: Summer 2012 aid is based on the 2011- 2012 FAFSA. Summer information and application is available spring quarter at www.cwu.edu/~finaid Please submit the summer application as soon as you enroll for summer quarter.

General Information About Your Academic Year Award Notice:


  • Accept or decline your aid on Safari.

  • Be fully enrolled on census date (end of add/drop) Grants are prorated to census date enrollment and cannot be adjusted for late registration.

  • Complete entrance counseling at www.studentloans.gov

  • Sign on-line master promissory notes for student and parent at www.studentloans.gov

  • Parents, complete PLUS Request process at www.studentloans.gov for a parent loan.

  • If you are pre-enrolled as a full-time student, your aid will credit to your student account on the third day of class. Census is the day following add/ drop. Adjustments & disbursements for < full time will be made following census date.

  • Refund of excess funds usually occurs 3-4 days following census day. See Student Financial Services for refund dates. www.cwu.edu/~sfs

CWU Participates in the following: See www.cwu.edu/~finaid for additional information.

Typical Cost of Attendance (COA): Estimated Educational Expenses:

Tuition Fees Room/Board Books Transportation Miscellaneous/


6,915 912 9,000 972 1,224 1,704

Estimated COA


FEDERAL Pell Grant SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant) Direct Loans - Include:

°Subsidized & Unsubsidized Loans—Student Loan. °Graduate Plus—Additional Graduate Student Loan. °PLUS—Parent Loan Perkins Loan TEACH— Grant/loan. Work Study

Expected Family Contribution (EFC): The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) data is used to calculate an "Expected Family Contribu- tion" (EFC). This assessment of assets, prior year income, and personal information determines the amount the family is expected to have available to meet the student’s cost of attendance. If you have experienced a significant reduction of income in 2011 compared to 2010, please document the change and contact our office.

STATE WSNG (Washington State Need Grant) Washington Scholar, WAVE, and Future Teacher Passport to College Work Study

INSTITUTIONAL Tuition awards are given for merit, recruitment, need, dependents/spouses of deceased or disabled veterans, firefighters, and police. See details at www.cwu.edu/~finaid

Need: The financial “NEED” is the difference between CWU’s estimated COA and the Federal determination

Scholarships- see www.cwu.edu/~scholar

of the EFC.

COA – EFC = Need

Your award may include government sponsored grants, work-study, and subsidized loan if you have “need.” Central attempts, with limited funds, to offer aid up to the COA. Unsubsidized student loan and parent loan may be offered to cover EFC and unmet need.

Transfer Students and Freshman

Send an official final academic transcript to Admissions. We cannot disburse aid until Admissions has your final transcript.

Mid-year transfers; please contact your prior school immediately and ask them to cancel any pending aid.

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