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PKI Teaching Guide

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Classroom Activities:


Invite students to research other locations along Paul Kane’s route that have stories

associated with them. For example the story of Fort Edmonton, Fort William or Jasper House.


Challenge students to find other stories like the ones in this section, through research

and personal interviews with local seniors or Elders that may be based on oral histories. Have

students explore the importance oral traditions in storytelling by finding examples that relate to the local community.


The importance of landscape for contemporary artists can be expressed in many ways.

Ask students how Kane’s artwork in this section compares to the landscape work of other artists. Have them discuss the importance of creating a sense of place in artwork. For example, how do artworks from the Maritime provinces differ in their sense of place to those from the prairies?

  • 4.

    Invite students to create works of art that convey a sense of place.

  • 5.

    Some of the places that Kane depicts in this section look quite similar today. Others

are quite transformed like the scene at Kettle Falls. Find some examples of places where there has been great transformation in the last 150 years and others that remain almost the same.

6. Select a local place that has a story associated with it, interview seniors and Elders about this place and report back to class.

7. Research the First Nations and Métis cultures of the Pacific Northwest. What effects did the fur trade have on these people?

    • 8.

      Present a drama with students in role and representing a variety of perspectives on the fur trade. E.g., an Métis employee at Fort Vancouver.

  • 11.

    Scene from documentary – BLACKFOOT ENCOUNTER

This section takes us through life in Fort Edmonton – Kane passed his Christmas there. It is in modern day Edmonton that we meet Duane Good Striker who tells us the story of how he used Kane pictures to help his community regain control of a burial site.

12. Scene from documentary – FACT OR FICTION

From Field to Studio: The art of Paul Kane

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