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This teaching guide has been designed for use in a variety of classroom environments. The additional resources and suggested classroom activities work best in the context of the documentary as whole. It is suggested that the most effective methodology is to begin by playing the entire documentary (disc one) and then go through it using disc two with interactive features enabled to set up classroom activities and discussion. Each interactive scene is organized by concepts, learning objectives and activities and is supplemented with transcripts for each interactive video. There is also a list of essay topics and a limited bibliography. It should be noted that some of the language found in Paul Kane’s writings has outdated terms and references, particularly as they relate to First Nations and Métis people. For the most part the modern-day commentaries in From Field to Studio: The Art of Paul Kane avoid these outdated references. However in the older writings some such terms and references remain for the purpose of historical authenticity.


Scene from documentary- KANE S UNDERTAKING

An introduction to Kane’s journey and the complexity of his undertaking.


Scene from documentary- MYTH OF THE NOBLE SAVAGE

This excerpt sets up the problem of how Paul Kane’s field work differed from what he later produced in the studio.

2a. – Video - Artistic Training -

This video explains Kane’s introduction to the arts as a young man and discusses his U.S. and European travels and how these forays might have influenced his style.


  • fads and fashion and their influence on art

  • mass media influence on art, artists and society

  • influences on popular culture today.

Learning Objectives:

  • use analytical and critical thought to respond to art works and infer meanings based on

the many contexts of visual art and global issues

  • understand how historical, social and environmental factors and issues influence visual

art and artists

  • understand how the mass media and special interest groups use visual images to

communicate messages.

From Field to Studio: The art of Paul Kane

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