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stereotypes such as images of Canadians as represented by beavers, Mounties, people living in perpetual snow, polite, or boring. Discuss stereotypes of teenagers such as irresponsible, sloppy, trouble-makers, or the elderly as frail, senile, or living in the past. Discuss stereotypes of rural versus urban people. How do various forms of stereotypes affect the students individually and as a group?

  • 6.

    Who were the Métis and how are they portrayed?

  • 7.

    What contributions have the Métis made to history?

8. List the individual First Nations that were sketched in Paul Kane’s travels



Assign students to look at one of the following: newspapers magazines television radio children’s literature Internet.

Have students collect data on portrayals of First Nations and Métis people. Samplings might include:

  • -

    relate historical Métis contributions to contemporary times

  • -

    the number of times First Nations people are portrayed in a specified time period

  • -

    the way in which First Nations people are portrayed historically and today

  • -

    the ways in which First Nations people are portrayed

  • -

    the ways other groups are portrayed.

  • -

    Interview a First Nation/Métis individual and discuss how stereotypes have affected

their lives

Discuss the students’ collection of data in relation to stereotypes, and in relation to points raised by Bob Boyer, Jane Ash Poitras, and Duane Good Striker.

10. Research the work of artists Bob Boyer, Jane Ash Poitras. What are some of the central themes or ideas depicted in their artworks? In what ways does their work reflect traditional First Nations and/or Métis experience and contemporary artistic concerns?

11. Interview a local First Nations or Métis artist about his or her work. Invite students to present their interview material in a self-published class book, class newspaper, or PowerPoint presentation about local artists.


Scene from documentary – THE JOURNEY BEGINS

Kane almost misses his connection with George Simpson to launch his 1846-48 journey.

From Field to Studio: The art of Paul Kane

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