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International Airlines Travel Agent Network

The applicant understands and agrees the one benefit of IATAN accreditation is the periodic receipt of travel–related information. The undersigned on behalf of applicant hereby certifies and acknowledges that applicant consents to receive travel information and travel-related facsimile communications, electronic mail communications, and direct mail communications, including material advertising the commercial availability or quality of property, goods, or services, from IATAN, IATA, and IATAN authorized licensees and their duly authorized customers, at the fax number(s) and e-mail addresses contained in this application. In order to receive this benefit of IATAN accreditation applicant consents to IATAN providing the fax number(s) and e-mail address(es) contained in this application for this purpose. By signing this written consent, I represent that I am authorized to grant consent to receive faxes, e-mails and other communications. You may at any time opt out of this by advising IATAN in writing.

Signature of Owner:



  • i.

    I am authorized by the applicant to submit this application, to supply the information thereon and to bind the applicant to the provisions contained in this application.

  • ii.

    That the statements made in this application (which includes any attachment hereto) are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that IATAN has the right to verify, by inspection or other lawful means, that the information supplied is true and correct.

  • iii.

    That the applicant, or any person holding a financial or ownership interest in the business, or any manager who exercises daily supervision over the operations of the business, has read and understood the standards for accreditation and the notices and consents contained in this application.

  • iv.

    That the applicant will inform IATAN promptly of any changes in ownership, location, name or key personnel of the organization, will inform IATAN of changes in all other information requested herein as they occur, and will respond at any time to a request by IATAN for supplementary information that IATAN requires to verify that its records on the applicant remain current and accurate.

  • v.

    That the applicant accepts the terms and conditions in the IATAN Logo License Agreement attached hereto.

  • vi.

    That the IATA numeric code assigned to the applicant is the property of IATA and shall not be lent, subcontracted or hired to a third party and that the applicant shall cease to use such code upon termination of accreditation.

  • vii.

    That there are no pending or unresolved complaints against the applicant at state or local consumer affairs offices.

  • viii.

    That the applicant is in compliance with all federal, state, county or local registration and/or licensing requirements.

  • ix.

    That IATAN is authorized to release the information contained herein supplied by the applicant to any industry supplier that may wish to use the applicant’s services.

  • x.

    That the applicant will comply on an ongoing basis with the Standards for Accreditation and certify the existence of the business bank account, annual gross travel sales of $200,000 or $20,000 in gross travel income, and a valid and relevant errors and omissions insurance policy. That the gross travel income and gross travel sales represent no more than 15% of personal travel (applicant and family).

  • xi.

    The applicant acknowledges and accepts that any disputes arising in connection with this application for accreditation or IATAN’s later enforcement of the accreditation criteria must be referred to the Travel Agency Commissioner for a final resolution which will be binding on both parties and be in lieu of any recourse to the courts.

Signature of Owner:


State of

, in the county of


day, of the

month, in the year of

, (name)


before me and stated that they are the (owner/title)

of (name of organization)

, and that the information provided on this form is true and correct.

My commission expires on:

Notary Public:


Please check this box if you wish copies of correspondence to be sent to a third party. If so, provide name and address.


December 15, 2006

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