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Centre News: Renton and Duncan

At present we are in holiday mode, but it is very encouraging to see the Centre still busy with lots of work going on in the studio. Cleaning out of racks is becoming very necessary with little room left for new work.

뻘e glaze class filled up rapidly and is under way – obviously filling a need. Keep an eye out for the next one in about 8 weeks time – it will have a different focus. Term 3 is also filling rapidly so if you are thinking of enrolling for a class best be in quick.

뻘e new gas/oil salt kiln is ready for fi- nal brickwork and burner mounting and then its’ first firing. With so many build- ers and options for firing this could be very entertaining. 뻘e arch former was removed successful on Tuesday and the arch now stands proudly unsupported. All efforts to have Michael Billington dance the traditional jig on the arch to prove its’ worthiness have fallen on deaf ears so far.

Member’s event

On the 27th of July (last 뻘ursday in the month) is our member’s night activity which is in the form of a mid- winters feast. 뻘e idea is that you bring a favourite pot with a delicious concoction in it to share with others and soup and mulled wine will be on the house. Please be assured we will warm the house up for the event. 뻘e evening will start at 7.00 pm.


뻘e current Saturday roster list is just about finished and we need another crew of volunteers to oversee the place on Saturdays. 뻘e duties are varied but mainly boil down to greeting everyone as they arrive and taking their money off them as they leave. Some days it gets quite busy with raku firings and up to a dozen members and students coming in to practice their throwing. You don’t need to know how to work the till – just the eftpos machine (which is very sim- ple) and be aware of how this place func- tions (e.g. explaining to new members where the wet cupboards are – that sort of thing) If you can help out then please contact the Centre now (ph: 634 3622) as we need about 8 people to complete the roster from now until the end of the year. If we don’t get enough people then the Centre will close on Saturdays. 2

One day workshop with

Continued from last month

Hilary Kerrod Screen printing plus viscosity transfer

뻘is is an ideal short sharp introduc- tion to printing on clay using two dif- ferent techniques. Hilary will explain the process of transferring your images onto silk screens and demonstrate the what and how of actually using these new processes along with soft slabbing basics. 뻘en you get to have a go us- ing her screens. After lunch (which is a shared lunch as per usual) you get to have a go with viscosity transfer (and no, don’t ask me as I don’t have a clue what it is – but sounds interesting and reason enough to sign up).

We have already got 4 people signed up and are keeping the number of par- ticipants to 12 so that everyone can have a decent go. Participants are to bring hand building tools, textures and a sheet of OHP transparency.

It costs $45 and runs from 10am to 4pm on Saturday the 5th August. Please note that the Centre will be closed to casual users and other students on that day.

Dubai Exhibition Anne Hudson

The old Art Centre is desperately trying to hold on to teachers and stu- dents hoping there is room for two centres. 뻘e members were hungry for tuition, new ideas and advice and were delighted by Peter’s workshop and awed at his throwing skills. I am not sure what stories he told them but a lot of sidesplitting laughter emanated from the studio over those few days. 뻘ey equally entertained him.

뻘e gallery PR provided us lots of publicity.Two newspapers, radio andTV interviewed us. 뻘ey were grateful for the professional photographs of work we had done at home. 뻘ey were fascinated by New Zealand and liked the idea that our work was not full of angst, that it related to the beauty of New Zealand rather than wars and despair that often inspires the artists of other nations in that region. Our work was more of a celebration of the fortunate country we live in.

뻘e exhibition was a success though some of the artists may have been disap- pointed in their sales. Success was met where the artist was aware they were en- tering a new market. Peter’s workshops helped connect buyers with his work and his beautifully thrown and desirable col- oured work was popular. Richard Adams was also successful, he was there, ready to chat to interested buyers telling the background to his work giving them a sense of himself as the artist, which made owning his work more meaningful for the buyer. Jewellery unfortunately did not sell as well, the gallery should not have asked for it, as there is an abundant supply of jewellery of all types.

I think the most important outcome of the exhibition is that we represented New Zealand and ourselves well. Rela- tionships were made with hotel procure-

Exhibition news

뻘e 42nd Annual exhibition is rapidly approaching so please remember to save your best work for our show and keep the enclosed entry form handy. We need some volunteers to help with the usual painting of plinths, helping on receiving day and of course cleaning up at the end of the exhibition. We also need volunteers on Sunday to keep the exhibition open; the Sundays in ques- tion are 3rd, 10th and 17th; 4 people per day. Please let us know as soon as possible if you can help.

뻘is year we again have some prizes to give away as added inducement to enter. 뻘e student prize is a free 10 week course from our usual selection of classes, but the big prize is a mystery and will be revealed on the night.

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