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        From the Minister

Ah, New Year’s Day! In the book of life, we open to a sparkling, new page and new pages as far as we can see into the future. We open this book together; the pages are blank. Many books have been written in the past—perhaps we have fifty or sixty volumes or maybe, just a few books filled with many pages of aspirations, actions, failures and triumphs. We will open the book of Channing Church 2009. Its pages are blank too. We are going to put words on the pages ourselves. The blank pages are called Opportunity and first sheet is New Year's Day.

These sheets are vast; there is space for everyone—those who write lengthy, articulate tomes and those who doodle at the edges—those who write with brilliant colors, those who write with traces of pencil barely disturbing the paper’s surface—those who write with reason’s precision and tranquility, and those who write with feeling’s flair and elegance.

I like the blank page. I like standing on the edge of what has been and opening my mind and heart to what might be. What would you write? Or draw or paint? What mark would you like to make for the future? How would you like to leave your mark?

“…we have brains in our head. We have feet in our shoes.

We can steer ourselves in any direction we choose. .” slightly adapted from Dr. Seuss

Worship Services –December 21, 2008 to January 18, 2009

December 21RE Pageant

December 24Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Led by Rev. Ed Hardy

A traditional candlelight service to celebrate in word

and song the birth of hope and the holiday season.

December 28What Are We Thankful for This Year?

Led by Rev. Ed Hardy

William A. Ward author of Fountains of Faith is one of America's most quoted

writers of inspirational maxims, wrote, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like

wrapping a present and not giving it.” Now that the Christmas presents are all

unwrapped it is perhaps time to reflect on what we are grateful for from this past year.

January 4Hymnology Led by Chris Ricciotti and John Burrows

January 11Slavery, Massachusetts, and Reparations, Oh, My!

Led by Rev. Ed Hardy

Cornelius Waldo, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s maternal great-grandfather ran slaves.

Peter Faneuil built the Faneuil Hall that we visit for lunch and shopping when we tour

the waterfront and the North End with “slave money”. When slavery ended in

Massachusetts some reparation was paid. How do we come to grips with the slavery in

Massachusetts? Is reparation necessary? How would it be paid? How do we

acknowledge our country’s past?

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