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A Monthly Baha’i Newsletter

The Noonday Sun

Volume No. 1

Sharaf 1, 160 B.E. Dec 31, 2003

Issue No. 3


Saddam captured on 500-year anniversary of Nostradamus

With the recent capture of Saddam (announced to all the world) on Dec. 14, the 500- year anniversary of Nostradamus (born in 1503), both the mysterious accuracy of the prophecies of Nostradamus, as well as the fact that we alone have given the correct and significant meaning, now shines forth brighter than ever.

outside of the Cause, to aid in the promulgation of his word, is a tried and true method used by Him all throughout history. Nevertheless, the sordid affairs of this world—of which the true believer is much detached—give us signs and warnings and seasons in which God has

also promised a great victory for his people and chosen ones, a great bounty promised for everyone whose name is “written within the book."

For many years now we have anticipated the date of the 500th anniversary of the

birthday of Nostradamus, Cont. p. 2

The "King of Terror" prophecy, showing how these events pertaining to Saddam and Bush are coming to a head in the year 2003, were all given and known aforetime. Why God picks ones like Nebuchadnezzar, Caesar, Constantine, Napoleon, Hitler, Saddam and Bush who are all secular leaders

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Furutan struck down!

Haifan attack forestalled by death blow from above

He is God!

In His Almighty grasp alone, are the fate and destiny of all mankind!

On the very Day of the Covenant, as mentioned in the last issue of the Noonday Sun, the Guardian signed the Indictment into effect on November 26, 2003, that was issued by Dr. Jensen in 1979 (24 years ago—a prophetic day with each hour being a year: 24 hours equals 24 years).

At that exact moment the violating "Hand" of the Cause of God, Furutan, who was spearheading the Haifa-NSA lawsuit

attack against us, was struck down in the Holy Land by God collapsing where he stood. Thus the violators have been thrown into disarray and their harassment and attack against us—their avowed "leader" and acknowledged "chief" having been struck down with such a "death blow" as this—has forestalled their aggressive attack against us, and thwarted the building momentum of their onslaught, even as it is written:

Cont. p. 3

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