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* If a youth is working, there is the possibility that SSA may determine that the youth is gainfully employed and therefore is no longer disabled. It is important to have as much documentation as possible to support the claim that the youth is still disabled even though able to work

* The childhood disability regulations provide a guide to assessing the functional limitations of a youth. Find common ground between this childhood standard and the adult disability standard that the youth must meet. Use this information to communicate to SSA the true impact of the functional limitations

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Appendix G: Medicaid/MAWD/CHIP/adultBasic

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Apply for Medicaid/MAWD/CHIP/adultBasic on the same application: Call toll-free 1(800)986-KIDS or Call toll-free 1(800)GO BASIC or Contact toll-free number of contractor by referencing: www.insurance.state.pa.us keyword: CHIP or adultBasic or Apply online at www.compass.state.pa.us. Contact your County Assistance Office under Government in the Blue Pages or www.dpw.state.pa.us keyword: CAO Medical Assistance/Medicaid or Call for assistance 1(800)692-7462 - TTY/TTD 1(800)451-5886 Medical Assistance/Medicaid

In this document the word Medicaid is interchangeable with the term Medical Assistance. Medicaid is a Federal/State program designed to provide comprehensive and quality medical care for low-income families with special emphasis on children, pregnant women, the elderly, the disabled, and parents with dependent children. In Pennsylvania, this process is known as Medical

Assistance (MA) because it includes Medicaid as well as benefits that are not part of Medicaid

At age 18:

* Apply for SSI benefits. This can be done either on your own or with the help of the County Assistance Office (CAO)

* After applying, a Disability Advocate Program (DAP) worker, located in your CAO, will contact you to assist you with your application for SSI

* Provide disability documentation to both your CAO and SSA offices

* If SSI denied, complete SSI appeals process working with DAP worker

County Assistance Office (CAO)

* Report all changes to your caseworker. Contact the CAO if unsure of your caseworker’s name

* Follow through with the county recertification process once a year

* Indicate on all applications or reapplications that there is a child with a disability in the household. Remind your caseworker when applying or reapplying that you have a child with a special need

* Know how and when to use the ACCESS/Managed Care card

- Do not destroy your ACCESS/Managed Care card. If a replacement is needed, contact your caseworker

- If a notice has been received that your Medicaid claim will be closed, appeal within 30 days of the notice date. If you were receiving benefits as a family when Medicaid was closed, be sure to alert the CAO that you have a child with special needs. If additional help is needed, contact Legal Services in your county

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Appendix G: Medicaid/MAWD/CHIP/adultBasic continued

Managed Care Special Needs Unit

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