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* Has a way of keeping medical and dental records

* Immunizations/medical tests and results/summaries/functional assessment

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I. Health Care: Skills Needed for Independence continued

L. Managing Appointments

* Keeps a calendar of doctor and dentist appointments

* Keeps a notebook of names, phone numbers, and office hours

* Knows when to call and communicate when sick or hurt

* Knows the difference between an emergency (go to hospital) and illness (call your doctor)

* Knows about making appointments for specialists, family planning, genetic counseling, hospital and laboratory tests

* Calls for referrals if needed

M. Pharmacy

* Develops a working relationship with pharmacist

* Knows where to go and which prescription cards to show

* Understands “co-pay”

* Knows to ask the doctor or pharmacist for help

N. Medication

* Knows medication: name, purpose, side effects, restrictions, how to get filled

* Knows when and who to call for prescription refills

* Recognizes medication and when to take it

* Knows how your medications are to be taken (oral, sub-lingual, rectal, vaginal, topical, eye or ear drops/ointments, inhalants, injections)

* Opens “child resistant” caps or can ask for bottles that can be opened

* Fills daily/weekly pillbox

* Knows how to purchase and properly use over-the-counter medication

* Knows who to call with questions or to get help

O. Equipment and Treatments

* Understands and uses remedial/prosthetic devises and equipment as prescribed

* Understands and can do their own treatments and therapies

* Knows who does their treatments and therapies and how often they occur

* Demonstrates responsibility for compliance

* Can arrange for equipment maintenance—both routine and emergency

The hope is that skills can be taught and learned. If a particular skill can not be achieved for independence, a plan is then developed

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II. Health Care: Explore Benefits & Services

A. Locating Adult Health Care Providers, Finding a Medical Home

(Current Doctors, Clinic Staff, and other Practitioners can assist you)

* Understands health insurance to select a doctor

* Considers living arrangements to be accessible to doctors and medical facilities

* Evaluates accessibility of the office and exam rooms

* Prepares questions for doctors, dentists, nurses, and therapists

* Can respond to questions from doctors, dentists, nurses, and therapists

* Plans a meeting with providers of health care

* Knows the difference between primary care, specialists and what each provides

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