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-Ask Human Resources or Benefits Department for information/application. This information should include the process and form for the doctor to complete

-Include all medical conditions

-This may be available as the youth leaves high school

* HIPAA - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - stands also for portability (page 18 of the Transition Health Care Checklist)

-When changing Group Health Insurance get a Certificate of Coverage for portability. This will waive the waiting time and any increased costs for pre-existing conditions. A formula may be applied

* Social Security as an adult is one pathway to public insurance (Medical Assistance) (page 19 of the Transition Health Care Checklist)

* Youth receiving SSDI benefits as a child will need to reapply as an adult with disabilities (page 20 of the Transition Health Care Checklist)

* Youth may want to apply for MAWD-Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (page 23 of the Transition Health Care Checklist)

* It is critical to have current evaluations and assessments including educational, medical and psychological. These are needed to apply and qualify for many services and programs

* Remember to return to the doctor for prescriptions and referrals for testing and services paid by public and private insurance

* Depending on whether private or public insurance is used as primary, explore the type and level of services available. Check if covered services meet the needs of the youth

* Be sure to show all service providers all insurance cards

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Appendix A: Communication

Consumer and Provider Checklist for Working Together

* Am I an equal partner?

* Have I mentally reversed roles?

* Have I accepted my share of the responsibility?

* Do I respect the other?

* Do I listen, respond, and listen again?

* Am I open to new ideas and concerns?

* Do I create a comfortable environment?

* Do I bring “what I say” and “what I feel” closer?

* Am I clear about needs?

* Do I clarify fact and opinion?

* Do I respect and discuss confidentiality?

* Do we see each other in more than one dimension: looking beyond the condition or disability?

* Do we value each other’s experience?

* Do we care about each other’s emotional needs?

* Do we encourage communication with others to increase knowledge and to decrease isolation?

* Do we make every effort toward solutions and finding resources?

* Do we plan together?

* Do we all understand the directions?

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