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Reduced application development and administration costs, achieved by abstracting all security, personalization, and entitlement logic out of the applications

Cost savings realized by leveraging of existing infrastructure

Features Single sign-on—This feature extends eTrust SiteMinder SSO from protected Web servers and application servers to Siebel applications.

Authentication management—This feature provides access through a variety of authentication methods and also provides a single authentication point for applications.

Enhanced security—Advanced Tier 2 integration moves the point of trust from the Web server to the Siebel Server.


For more information on the eTrust SiteMinder SSO Agent for Siebel, call +1.800.875.9659 or visit www.CA.com.

  • Session synchronization—eTrust SiteMinder and Siebel sessions are linked. When the eTrust SiteMinder session ends, the corresponding Siebel session is no longer available.

Integration Details The integration details are illustrated in the following figure.

cA user makes a request to Siebel applications through an eTrust SiteMinder- enabled Web server. dThe Web agent asks the eTrust SiteMinder Policy Server to authenticate and authorize the request. eThe Policy Server calls Active Response, which generates the authentication ticket.

fThe results of Active Response and the Siebel username are passed back to the Web agent and subsequently sent as HTTP headers to the session launching code. gThe Siebel Web component passes the request to the Object Manager to log in. hThe Siebel Object Manager calls the Security Adapter to verify the credentials (username and ticket generated above), and it, in turn, passes them to the Policy Server.

iThe Custom Authentication Scheme verifies the credentials and returns the results to the Policy Server. jThe Policy Server returns the results of the authentication attempt, along with any other relevant information, such as Siebel Roles, to the Security Adapter. kThe Siebel Object Manager creates a Siebel session and


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