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complete discontinuation of contact lenses or ocular prosthetics may be met with some degree of resistance from patients. Fortunately, contact lens wear does not need to be completely discontinued to minimize the symptoms of GPC. Significant reduction in the signs and symp- toms may be achieved by changing the contact lens material and care routine. Disinfecting solutions that contain chemical preservatives should be discontinued. Converting a patient from soft daily-wear contact lenses to disposable or daily-disposable soft contact lenses may prevent the accumulation of proteinaceous deposits, which may be the antigenic stimulus for

GPC. [16] Rigid gas permeable contact lenses may provide further relief from symptoms if disposable lenses do not provide an adequate response. This relief is obtained because of the decreased proclivity of the rigid gas permeable contact lenses to develop adherent deposits and coatings. Pharmacologic treatment of GPC includes the use of mast cell stabilisers, topical corticosteroids, and antihistamines similar to that in the other immunologic conjunctival disorders discussed previously. As always, care must be taken when using topical corticostero- ids; a pulsed regimen is recommended to minimise adverse reactions.


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