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WebSphere Portal Server and Web Services

provider’s server become available immediately without any programming or installation effort and can be used by the portal users. At the same time, WPS provides the content provider itself with a portal, i.e. the content provider can also make content available to users directly if desired.

Portals publishing local Portlets for remote use

While portals initially have been operated in isolation from each other, now the demand for cooperation between portals starts to arise within big corporations. Very soon, corporate portals will also need to cooperate with supplier or customer portals, so ultimately portals will need to cooperate over the Internet as well as within intranets. In the introduction we have already described a scenario where an employee portal, a supplier portal, a HR portal and a remote portlet server within a corporation share portlets and also include portlets provided by external banking and content portals. Figure 24 shows the example of an HR portal that shares portlets with another corporate portal in more detail.

Other Portal in the same Corporation

Corporate UDDI

Weather Portlet Description

Stocks Portlet Description

Var Pay Portlet Proxy

HR Info Portlet Proxy


Var Pay Portlet


HR Info Portlet


Payroll Portlet


CV Portlet



Portal serving some Portlets as Remote Portlets

Figure 24: WebSphere Portal Server used by another portal

The HR portal provides various portlets. Some are only intended for use by HR staff like the Payroll Portlet or the CV Portlet. However, there are some portlets that are of interest to all employees, e.g. a Variable Pay Portlet that provides info on how big the variable pay will be based on current revenue and an HR Info Portlet providing HR related news.

Assuming that the corporation has its own corporate UDDI directory which is only accessible from the intranet, the a HR portal administrator would use WebSphere Portal Server’s publish function to create remote portlet web service entries for both portlets in the corporate UDDI directory. Thus the Variable Pay Portlet and the HR Portlet become available for use by other portals in the corporation. An administrator of another portal inside the corporation can even find the remote HR portlets using WebSphere Portal Server’s built-in UDDI browser and integrate them into his portal with a single click.


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