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WebSphere Portal Server and Web Services


In this paper we have given an introduction to distributed portals and some mportant issues regarding cooperation between portals. We have explained the WebSphere Portal Server architecture in general and the web services aspects in particular. We described two ways of using web services in the context of portals: Use of web services by portlets and use of portlets as remote portlet web services.

Through proxies generated automatically using appropriate tools, portlets are able to use web services to obtain information or initiate transactions instead of the traditional mechanisms for remote procedure calls or data queries. IBM provides tools that make use of web services from portlets very easy already today. From a given service description, tools provided in the IBM Web Services Development Environment can create ready-to-use proxy classes in Java that can easily be used from portlets.

The concept of remote portlet web services will allow deploying distributed portals cooperating within an intranet or over the internet in the near future. Portal implementations provided by different vendors will be able to share portlets and cooperate across corporate boundaries if required. IBM WebSphere Portal Server will provide full support the remote portlet web service concept. Publishing of local portlets as remote portlet web services and integration of remote portlet web services in WebSphere Portal Server-based portals will be possible with just a few clicks by an administrator.

The ability to host portlets and publish them as remote portlet web services that can be integrated into portals easily will turn WebSphere Portal Server into a platform that allows content providers to provide content to their customers – portals – in the most easily consumable form. Also, it will allow application providers to embed their applications into portlets and publish them as remote portlet web services.



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