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A Certificate of Compliance shall not be issued to officers employed on a Temporary Employment Authorization (TEA) prior to meeting the requirements of Sections 943.13(1)-(10), F.S.  

(1) No change.

(a) No change.

1. – 5. No change.

(b) No change.

1. – 2. No change.

(c) No change.

1. – 2. No change.

(2) An agency administrator head is authorized to request to waive the firearms training requirement for a TEA by placing a statement in the officers file at the employing agency, which has been signed by the agency administrator head, confirming that the TEA appointed officer shall not be permitted to carry a firearm until the following classroom training requirements have been fulfilled:

(a) Classroom Training:

1. - 5. No change.

(b) Firearms Range Training.  The trainee’s proficiency demonstration shall be documented on a CMS Firearms Performance Evaluation, form CJSTC-4 CMS, revised November 8, 2007 May 5, 2005, hereby incorporated by reference, and maintained in the trainee’s file at the employing agency.  The instructor shall qualify the trainee with a handgun (revolver or semi-automatic pistol) and long gun (shotgun or semiautomatic rifle/carbine) using the Commission’s Basic Recruit Training Firearms Course of Fire, pursuant to form CJSTC-4 CMS, and the form shall be maintained in the trainee’s file at the employing agency.  Trainees shall fire a long gun as prescribed in the Commission-approved Basic Recruit Training Program.  

(3) No change.

(4) No change.

(a) No change.

(b) The individual was previously hired on a TEA and has separated from the employing agency or discontinued training while still in good standing, and has had a break-in-service from the last employment for a minimum of four years.  Such individual shall comply with the firearms training requirements pursuant to Rule 11B-35.0024, F.A.C., and Section 943.17(1)(a), F.S., unless the agency administrator head has waived such requirements in subsection (2) of this rule section, and shall enroll in a Commission-approved Basic Recruit Training Program within 180 days of employment in the first training program offered in the geographic area, or in the first assigned state training program for a state officer.

(5) No change.

Specific Authority 943.03(4), 943.12(1) FS.  Law Implemented 943.12(3), 943.13, 943.131, 943.133, 943.139, 943.1395, 943.17(1)(a)FS.  History–New, 11-5-02.  Amended 11-30-04, 3-27-06,.

11B-27.0022 Background Investigations.

(1) Pursuant to Section 943.133, F.S., and Rule 11B-27.0011, F.A.C., the employing agency shall conduct a thorough background investigation of each applicant.  The agency shall maintain in the applicant’s file at the employing agency a summary of the background investigation findings, signed and dated by the investigator and the agency administrator head or designee.  The summary shall verify the following information:

(a) – (d) No change.

(2) The employing agency shall, at a minimum, use the following background investigation procedures:

(a) No change.

(b) Obtain previous employment data from prior employers.  Criminal justice agencies conducting background investigations have the option of using the Authority for Release of Information, form CJSTC-58, revised November 8, 2007 August 3, 2006, pursuant to Sections 943.134(2) and (4), F.S., hereby incorporated by reference.  

(c) Research military records.  Florida Crime Information Center records, National Crime Information Center records, and military records.  A copy of the most recently issued DD 214, or other official separation document(s) from the United States Military denoting the discharge status or a copy of the officer’s current military identification ID, shall be maintained in the officer’s file at the employing agency.  The agency shall document contact with the applicants’ commanding officer or designee if the applicant is currently serving on active duty or military reserve to ensure the applicant is compliant with military regulations.  Wording on the documentation shall indicate DD214 shall document that the discharge was any discharge other than dishonorable an Honorable discharge.  A military discharge that is dishonorable pursuant to Section 943.13(4), F.S., or other than an honorable discharge, shall be investigated by the agency.  The agency shall submit a Request Pertaining to Military Record, form OMB No. 3095-0029.

(d) Verify the applicant’s Applicant’s response regarding prior history of unlawful conduct through a Florida Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center records and warrants check.

(e) Verify the The applicant’s response regarding unlawful drug use pursuant to subsection 11B-27.0011(2), F.A.C.  

(3) The employing agency shall submit or electronically transmit to Commission staff through the Commission’s ATMS, a Registration of Employment Affidavit of Compliance form CJSTC-60.  The agency shall also submit or electronically transmit to Commission staff through the Commission’s ATMS, a completed Employment Background Investigative Report

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