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Examination.  Physical Fitness Training.  11B-35.0011:  To require that a basic recruit student shall participate in the physical fitness test and chemical agent exposure prior to beginning and prior to completing the Florida CMS Law Enforcement, Traditional Correctional, and Florida Correctional Probation Basic Recruit Training Programs.  Basic Recruit Training Programs.  11B-35.002:  To retire the CMS Application-Based Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Training Program effective 3/31/08; to add the new CMS Florida Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Training Program effective 4/1/08.  To update the Traditional Correctional Probation Basic Recruit Training Program to reflect the new requirements for high-liability training and physical fitness training effective 8/31/07.  To add the Florida Correctional Probation Basic Recruit Training Programs effective 4/1/08.  High-liability Training. 11B-35.002 and 11B-35.0023:  To require that an officer who transfers high-liability training from one school to another shall complete the CMS “new” training specified on the CJSTC high-liability forms.  11B-35.0021: To delete the obsolete high-liability proficiency and instructor courses and add the new high-liability proficiency and instructor courses.  To remove the CMS high-liability instructor transition courses and update the instructor to student ratio requirements for the high-liability courses.  11B-35.007:  To create the CMS General Update Instructor Course and CMS Defensive Tactics Update Instructor Course to prepare Commission-certified instructors to deliver the new Florida CMS Curriculum.  To retire the Traditional Instructor Techniques Course and the Radar Speed Measurement Instructor Course for Law Enforcement Officers.  High-Liability Proficiency Requirements/Forms.  11B-35.0024:  To retire the CMS Defensive Tactics Instructor Transition course, CMS First Aid Instructor Transition Course, and CMS Vehicle Operation Instructor Transition Course.  To add the new high-liability proficiency requirements on high-liability forms CJSTC-4 CMS, CJSTC-5 CMS, CJSTC-6 CMS, and CJSTC-7 CMS.  To repeal form CJSTC-6A CMS.  To retire the CMS Firearms Instructor Transition Course.  

To comply with Section 120.74, F.S., which requires agencies to revise its rules as often as necessary to ensure compliance with Florida Statutes, and clarify/restructure existing rule language to comply with the Governor’s plain language policy:  Exemption from Basic Recruit Training.  11B-35.009:  To revise the list of required topics required for completion prior to receiving an exemption from a basic recruit training program.  11B-35.007:  To require the  training schools to attach the goals and objectives to form CJSTC-16.  11B-35.001:  To change the instructor exemption requirements on form CJSTC-82 for instructors who have a professional or technical certification or experience in the specific subject matter.  Basic Abilities Test.  11B-35.0011:  Pursuant to the provisions of Section 943.17(1)(g), F.S., the rules were revised to restrict an applicant from taking more than three Basic Abilities Tests, from a single provider within a 12-month period.  To clarify that the Basic Abilities Test shall be administered in Florida.  To remove obsolete rule language.  To revise the number of years, from two to four years, that a passing Basic Abilities Test is valid.  Housekeeping.  11B-35.001:  To clarify existing rule language regarding student academic performance in courses and end-of-course examinations for

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