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Offenses (Effective 5/10/07)

*Officers who are currently receiving salary incentive payment for completion of the Field Training Officer Course number 051, are not eligible to receive additional salary incentive credit for course number 809 or 1100.  

(2)(3) Course number 094, Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), may be offered only through the certified state D.A.R.E. training center.  The Florida certified state D.A.R.E. training center is located within the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  D.A.R.E. course numbers are: Course #094 (80 hours), or #094 split with #097 (40 hours) for salary incentive, and #096 (40 hours) for mandatory retraining.  

(3)(4) Only officers and support personnel who have written approval from their respective agency administrator head or designee may attend Advanced Training Program Courses.  Applicants shall submit evidence of their agency administrator’s head’s approval in a format established and agreed upon by the Local Regional Training Council and training school.  

(4)(5) To successfully complete an Advanced Training Program Course, a student shall comply with student attendance, performance, and course documentation requirements pursuant to Rule 11B-35.001, F.A.C.  

(a) A Radar Operator Performance Report, form CJSTC-8, revised November 8, 2007 May 6, 2004, hereby incorporated by reference, shall be completed for the Radar Speed Measurement Training Course for Law Enforcement Officers.  

(b) A Speed Measurement Laser and Radar Operator Performance Report form CJSTC-11, revised November 8, 2007 created August 3, 2006, hereby incorporated by reference, shall be completed for the Speed Measurement Course number 1158, and for the Laser Speed Measurement Operators Course for Law Enforcement Officers number 095 (Retired 12/31/06).  

(c) Speed Measurement Device Operators are authorized to instruct the practical exercises in the Speed Measurement Course with a certified Speed Measurement Instructor.  A copy of the Instructor Exemption form CJSTC-82 shall be maintained in the course file.  

(5)(6) Training schools shall report the successful completion of Advanced Training Program Courses for officers pursuant to paragraph 11B-35.001(10)(b), F.A.C.  

Specific Authority 943.03(4), 943.12(1), (2) FS.  Law Implemented 943.12(5), 943.17(1) FS.  History–New 12-13-92, Amended 1-10-94, 1-2-97, 7-7-99, 8-22-00, 7-29-01, 11-5-02, 11-30-04, 3-27-06, 3-21-07,.  

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