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11C-4.003 Arrest Fingerprint Card Submission.

All law enforcement agencies of the State shall take the following action on all felony, misdemeanor, or comparable ordinance arrests of adults and on all felony and statutorily specified misdemeanor arrests of juveniles:

(1) Complete at the time of arrest, as outlined in the Department’s Criminal Justice Information Services Procedural Manual, an electronic submission of criminal arrest and fingerprint information containing legible quality fingerprint impressions, or a hard fingerprint card bearing an electronic equivalent information. The state identification number (FDLE NO.) should be recorded on each arrest fingerprint card when the arrestee has a prior arrest record.

(2) – (3) No change.

Specific Authority 943.03(4), 943.05(2)(d), 943.051(2) FS. Law Implemented 943.05, 943.051 FS. History–New 6-24-76, Amended 6-27-78, Formerly 11C-4.03, Amended 7-7-99, 3-21-07, _______________.

11C-4.006 Final Disposition Reporting.

(1) – (2) No Change.

(3) Agencies, and clerks of the court possessing the technical requirements to collect, process, store, and disseminate disposition data in an automated information management system shall may submit disposition information to the Department in an automated format as approved by the Director of the Criminal Justice Information Services.

(4) If within 180 days after an arrest no disposition report to the Department has been made, the Department shall notify the arresting agency and request a disposition report. The arresting agency may forward the notice to the agency responsible for responding to the Department’s request according to arrangements agreed upon by authorities within each county or municipality. Thereafter the responsible agency shall provide such disposition report within 30 days.

Specific Authority 943.03(4), 943.052 FS. Law Implemented 943.052 FS. History–New 6-24-76, Amended 11-12-81, Formerly 11C-4.06, Amended 7-7-99, _______________.

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