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11G-2.001 Determination of Jurisdiction, Preliminary Procedures.

(1) – (5) No change.

(6) Section 406.05, F.S., provides for cooperative arrangements among the several districts and s. 406.08(2), F.S., provides for fee payment when an autopsy is performed on a body when the death occurred outside the district.  When such a cooperative arrangement is for the purpose of transporting the body of a person who dies in one medical examiner district (hereafter, district of jurisdiction) to another for autopsy or examination (hereafter, district of examination):

(a) The physician performing the examination must have a statutory appointment as an associate medical examiner in the district of jurisdiction per the provisions of Rule 11G-1.002.

(b) For each transfer of a body the medical examiner in the district of jurisdiction shall maintain in his or her files documentation of the agreement for the transfer; shall assign a case number from the district of jurisdiction; and shall maintain copies of any reports of examination or opinion by the appointed associate medical examiner, records of identification of the body,  and records of the transfer and release of the body to the next of kin.

(c) The medical examiner of the district of examination shall maintain in his or her files documentation of the agreement for the transfer and shall include the case number of the district of jurisdiction on all signed reports.

(d) For Annual Workload reporting purposes for creation of the Annual Report per Section 406.02, F.S., statistics that are required to be sent to the Medical Examiners Commission staff shall be reported by the district of examination.

Specific Authority 406.04, 406.05, 406.08 FS. Law Implemented 406.02, 406.04, 406.05, 406.08, 406.11, 406.13 FS. History–New 10-18-81, Amended 7-10-85, Formerly 11G-2.01,

Amended 8-27-87, 11-24-87, 10-14-96, 7-6-99, ______________________

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