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The RCT Team shall discuss each mandatory criteria element stated in this rule, explaining in detail how the criteria is met. In addition, the RCT Team shall identify and discuss each non-mandatory criteria identified in this rule reasonably applicable to the request. The RCT Team shall assure that the funding proposal has been explained in sufficient detail to promote a fair review and evaluation of the request by the Department and the Council.

(4) All submissions to the Department from a RCT Regional Drug Enforcement Coordinating Team must be approved by the RCT Team and deemed complete, as indicated by the written certification of the Chair head of the RCT Team.

(5) Submissions from a RCT Regional Drug Enforcement Coordinating Team shall be made to the Department of Law Enforcement’s Investigations and Forensic Science Program (IFS). Materials being submitted shall be secured and transmitted in a manner to assure that the criminal investigative and criminal intelligence information contained is not compromised.

(6) The IFS will receive and review all submissions from the various RCTs Regional Drug Enforcement Coordinating Teams utilizing the criteria of this rule, and shall prioritize from the pending submissions those proposals that best meet the criteria of this rule and are determined to be multi-agency or statewide drug control or illicit money laundering investigative or task force efforts that are most likely to significantly contribute to achieving the state’s goal of reducing drug-related crime as articulated by the Office of Drug Control, that represent the most significant of proposed illicit money laundering investigative efforts, or are cases that are best believed to otherwise significantly support statewide strategies developed by the Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council established under Section 397.333, F.S.

(7) The IFS shall present to the Council all cases forwarded to it by the RCTs regional Teams, indicating its prioritization determinations at a meeting of the Council. The presentation must include a recommendation of which cases IFS believes should receive funding priority and the amount of drug control funding recommended and may identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of the cases under consideration in meeting the underlying goals of Council funding.

(8) No change.

(9) Denial of all or a part of a request shall not disqualify the request from future consideration by the Council. However, any such request will be considered a new funding request and must be evaluated and approved through the process set forth in this rule, beginning with consideration and approval by the RCT Regional Drug Enforcement Coordinating Team.

(10) No change.

(11) If after receipt of funds, it appears that a funded investigative effort will substantially depart from the focus and effort originally approved by the Council, the agencies receiving Council funds shall suspend use of such funds and shall contact the Chair of the RCT Regional Drug Enforcement Coordinating Team leader and describe the change of focus and effort.

(a) If the new focus and effort is of a type that could be considered for Council funding, the RCT Team and the participating agencies shall secure Council approval for the continued use of Council funds by the funded agencies. Any such request shall be evaluated and approved through the process set forth in this rule, beginning with consideration and approval by the RCT Regional Drug Enforcement Coordinating Team, but shall be expedited to minimize any negative effect the suspension of spending of Council funds may have on the ongoing investigation.

(b) No change.

(c) The Council may endorse changes of focus or efforts and authorize the continued use of Council funds when receiving progress reports during regularly scheduled meetings provided that the RCT Team and the IFS endorse the new focus or efforts for such continued funding.

(12) In order to assure careful consideration of original requests for drug control funding and resubmitted requests for funding that have been previously denied, the written requests and approvals shall be submitted by the Chair head of the RCT Team to the IFS no later than 30 days prior to the meeting of the Council in which the request for funding might be considered.

(13) Agencies seeking drug control funding under this section shall cooperate with the RCT Team in the agencies’ area, and provide all information as requested by the RCT Team to assist in the preparation of a funding request, including information to identify the amounts of agency funds being committed by each participating agency to be matched by Council drug control funds. The head of each requesting agency that seeks to receive Council drug control funds shall include in the submission to the RCT Team a certification in writing that to the agency head’s best knowledge and belief, the request complies with the requirements established by law and this rule for funding. The agency head shall also agree to provide requested information to the Council to assist the Council in its performance-monitoring obligations and shall agree to retain proof and documentation as may be required by the Council and to submit to any audits or reviews of agency utilization of Council funds or funds derived from any Council-funded investigative effort as may be performed. The request shall be accompanied by Fform FDLE/IFS-003 Drug Control & Money Laundering Application, and FDLE/IFS-006, the State Financial Assistance Form, both revised 08/01/07 08/01/06, incorporated by reference.

(14) - (15) No change.

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