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Financial Responsibility Parents are legally responsible for the financial support of their adoles- cent until their 21st birthday. If parents are unwilling or unable to fi- nancially support their child, they or the child may apply for public as- sistance. If your adolescent damages property or injures another indi- vidual, the parent can be held financially responsible for costs incurred by the victim and or the victim’s family. Leaving Home Parents are legally responsible for the care of their adolescent until his/ her 21st birthday. Parents may seek to file a PINS on a son or daughter up to age 18 who is habitually away from home without permission. Contracting If a youth under the age of 18 signs a contract (i.e., to purchase a ste- reo, buy a car, rent an apartment) it may not be legally enforceable against the minor. It is for this reason that most people will require an adult co-signer when entering into a contract with a minor. Education In New York State, the law requires that a youth be in attendance in an approved/licensed educational program from the beginning of the school year in which the student turns 6 to the end of the school year in which s/he turns 16. After completing the school year in which s/he turns 16, s/he has a right to decide whether or not to continue in school. If a child chooses to leave school, but a parent wants the child to remain in school, the child has the legal right to decide. A child is legally allowed to stay in school up to age 21 if s/he has not received a high school diploma or is otherwise ineligible. Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) In New York State, if a youth is under the age of 18 and shows a pat- tern of disobedience, running away, curfew violations, drug or alcohol abuse, or severe school truancy, s/he can be brought to the attention of the Juvenile Justice System. Most PINS complaints are made by the parents or school districts.

Resources Contact your School Counselor to see what resources are

available to assist you Cayuga Counseling Services, Inc.

(315) 253-9795

Cayuga County Probation Department

(315) 253-1246

Auburn Police Cayuga County Sheriff New York State Police

(315) 253-3231 (315) 253-1222 (315) 255-2766


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