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Counterfeiters’ techniques are constantly improving to avoid detection – Our national security is dependent on us to keep up with them


Tom Sharpe Vice President SMT Corp. Telephone: (203) 270-4705 Email: tsharpe@smtcorp.com


With the world market as their sales territory and a host country that turns a blind eye to the rights of Intellectual Property (IP) holders worldwide, the counterfeiting and resale of electronic components in Shantou & Shenzhen China is alive, well and flourishing. A first-hand narration of a photo-documented tour of this area provides compelling and clear evidence showing this threat is far worse than we imagine and here to stay. The recent refinements of the counterfeiter’s craft demonstrate clearly that we are battling very well-informed and well-funded groups of criminal enterprise.

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What is still worse is that a large majority of this counterfeit material is produced specifically for Defense and Aerospace Industry applications. The dire consequences this situation exposes to our war fighters, our national security and our allies cannot be over-stated.

The only reasonable response from quality component distributors to this continually evolving threat can be to constantly re-evaluate, revise and improve all aspects of inspection techniques, processes and equipment used for component testing and authentication.


Tom Sharpe is the Vice President of SMT Corporation, located in Sandy Hook Connecticut. Tom co-founded SMT with his wife Kirsten in 1995 and they have since built SMT into one of the industry’s leading Independent Stocking Distributors of electronic components. Tom also serves as the current Vice President of IDEA, and has served continuously on IDEA’s Board of Directors since the year of it’s formation in 2003. Tom is very active on the Defense & Aerospace Industry speaking tour and has become a leading voice from the Independent sector in the fight against counterfeit components in the electronics industry. Through his many speeches and presentations, Tom has made it his mission to educate OEM’s about the dangers of counterfeits in today’s market and best practices to mitigate those dangers.


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