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Patty Hansen Talks about Divorce and Recovery

Writing Chicken Soup for the Soul Divorce and Recovery was not only inspirational to Patty Hansen...it was personal!


Patty was the business partner as well as wife for 27 years to her coauthor, writer/motivational speaker Mark Victor Hansen. During those 27 years they worked together, played together, raised a family together and built the Chicken Soup for the Soul empire.

But sadly, like almost 50% of marriages in America today their marriage failed. But here's the difference... and it's a big difference...Patty and Mark work together to ensure that they have a successful "good" divorce. Patty says "it takes patience, and believing in what's really important, in order to move forward and not get caught up in the shock, logistics and

pain of divorce..

Following are Patty’s 10 tips for a successful divorce

1) Always remember the lifelong commitment you made to the other person; honor your original commitment to that person's happiness, especially if you have children.

2) However bitter the divorce was...forgiveness is the first--and most important--step to creating your new happy, single life.

    • 3)

      Never say anything negative to your children about the other parent. It only adds stress to their life as well as yours--who needs all that toxic energy?

  • 4)

    Take time to grieve.

5) Do something out of the ordinary and wonderful for yourself and your family . . . and this is the hard part--your ex!

6) Keep in mind that it does not HAVE to be a nasty divorce-it can be a "good" one. BE FAIR in your dealings with your ex. COMPROMISE.

7) Form a good support team with your friends and family, read uplifting books.

8) Control your negative emotions-the old practice of counting to ten and biting your tongue is never more important than now.

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    Get professional help if you feel you need it.

  • 10)

    Continue to tell yourself that "This too shall pass" and know that there

IS light at the end of the tunnel-happiness is around the corner.

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