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Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet Driver Help

Complex Example A Logix Tag is defined with the address "Local:1:O.Slot[9].Data". This would be represented in the groups "Global" - "Local_1_O" - "Slot_x" - "Slot_09". Within the last group would be the tag "Data".

T h e s t a t i c r e f e r e n c e t o " D a t a " w o u l d b e " C h a n n e l 1 . D e v i c e 1 . G l o b a l . L o c a l _ 1 _ O . S l o t _ x . S l o t _ 0 9 . D a t a " . T h e d y n a m reference to "Data" would be "Channel1.Device1.Local:1:O.Slot[9].Data". i c

Condensed Mode

In Condensed Mode, the server tags created by automatic tag generation follow a group/tag hierarchy consistent with the tag's address. Groups are created for every segment preceding the period. Groups created include the following:



Program scope Structures and substructures

Note: Groups are not created for arrays or .bit addresses.

With a complex project, it is easy to see how the tag hierarchy could require a number of group levels. The maximum number of group levels created by automatic tag generation is seven. This does not include the group specified in "Add generated tags to the following group". When more than seven levels are required, the tags will be placed in the seventh group (causing the hierarchy to plateau).

Note: Tag or structure member names leading off with an underscore will be converted to "U_". This is required because the server does not support leading underscores. For more information, refer to Controller-to-Server Name Conversion.

Simple Example

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