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Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet Driver Help

Change the access mode in the client application.

Memory could not be allocated for tag with address '<address>' on device '<device name>'

Error Type: Warning

Possible Cause: Resources needed to build a tag could not be allocated. Tag will not be added to the project.

Solution: Close any unused applications and/or increase the amount of virtual memory. Then, try again.

Missing address

Error Type: Warning

Possible Cause: A tag address that has been specified statically has no length.

Solution: Re-enter the address in the client application.

Communication Errors

The following is a list of sub type error topics. Click on a link for more information about that specific error message.

Communication Errors

Unable to bind to adapter: '<adapter>'. Connect failed Winsock initialization failed (OS Error = n) Winsock V1.1 or higher must be installed to use the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet device driver

Unable to bind to adapter: '<adapter>'. Connect failed

Error Type: Fatal

Possible Cause:

The driver was unable to bind to the specified network adapter, which is necessary for communications with the device.


  • 1.

    The adapter is disabled or no longer exists.

  • 2.

    A network system failure occurred (such as Winsock or network adapter failure).

  • 3.

    There are no more available ports.


1. For network adapters available on the system, check the Network Adapter list in the communications server application (located in Channel Properties). If the specified adapter is not in this list, steps should be taken to make it available to the system. This includes verifying that the network connection is enabled and connected in the PC's Network Connections. 2. Determine how many channels are using the same adapter in the communications server application. Then, reduce this number so that only one channel is referencing the adapter. If the error still occurs, check to see if other applications are using that adapter and then shut down those applications.

Winsock initialization failed (OS Error = n)

Error Type: Fatal

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