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  • The PAH emissions pose a greater cancer risk than the dioxin and furan emissions for all

the three different sofa constructions considered.

There is a significantly greater overall cancer risk due to PAH plus dioxins and furans

f r o m t h e n o n - F R s o f a t h a n f r o m e i t h e r o f t h e F R t r e a t e d s o f a s 9 d u e l a r g e l y t o t h e f a c t t h a t the non-FR sofa is expected to be involved in more and larger fires.

Finally, the number of lives saved due to the better fire performance of the FR treated sofas is not included in the LCA model. The DTI5 investigation of the effect of the 1988 furniture legislation indicates that the number of lives saved in UK since the introduction of the stricter Fire Regulations was between 970 and 1860 in 1997. They estimate that the number of lives saved annually will be between 10-15 per million people when all furniture has been replaced with FR treated furniture. This would result in a substantial increase in the number of lives saved and injuries reduced if such regulations were adopted across Europe. In a complete analysis of the risks and benefits associated with any method used to create a high level of fire safety this should also be taken into account.

9 The total cancer risk for the products in this study is very small compared to the risk from background emission levels from all sources of PAH and TCDD + TBDD, for example the total sofa TCDD emissions calculated for the worst-case over the whole life cycle correspond to approx. 0.003% of total annual TCDD emissions from all sources in the UK.

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