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Beverly: Once we had many of the other spokes in place, it became apparent to some managers and supervisors that they did not know how to develop their people and meet Atlantis' expectations, despite their best efforts.

Lore's Effective Coaching Process and Workshop filled a critical spoke in the wheel. As we learned more about it, we realized that it gave us a common language about how to develop people every day. It defined what 'coaching' really meant. It had practical, relevant principles that people could immediately apply. As we rolled it out, we could see that it built the confidence of leaders who were really struggling. It helped some managers succeed for the first time in reaching and energizing an employee who was underperforming. It was immediately apparent that it was also part of our mentoring process.

“Lore's Effective Coaching Workshop is the best training program we have ever invested in. It provides a process and language that helps our supervisors engage the minds of our employees to excel at their jobs—and deliver tough love if they really need it.”

Nan Palmer Chief Operating Officer Atlantis, Paradise Island, 2005

we heard Barbara Singer of Lore speak—and we liked what she had to say about coaching and how coaching skills had been developed in other companies. Then we spoke more extensively with you about how the program might be customized to our unique situation. We read Lore's White Papers, including 'The Case for Executive Coaching.' We also read Lore's book on Adaptive Coaching by Terry Bacon and Karen Spear.

Once we had confidence that this workshop was worth pursuing, we contacted previous Lore clients who had engaged Lore for similar projects. We talked with Raytheon and Cisco Systems, both of whom found Lore to be extremely collaborative and top notch in terms of customization and the faculty delivering the workshops.

Dr. Myszkowski: How did you begin implementing the 'effective coaching' spoke once you decided the foundation was in place?

As a next step, Karen and I asked Lore to design and deliver a pilot program for a cross section of representatives of our operations at the leadership level. Both the Workshop and the Lore representatives were accepted by our managers. And the customization that would be necessary, largely in the role plays, seemed doable. Now the question was: “how could we bring this to the leadership of Atlantis and get their buy-in?” We knew we could not get their undivided attention for the full two days of the typical workshop.

Beverly: During this whole period, we continued to search the world for the best consulting and training firms we could find who could quickly help us design and implement these spokes.

As part of this search, Karen and I attended a Conference Board session in Atlanta where

Lore designed and delivered a one day executive version of the workshop. It

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