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would not be taken into account because we are making changes at Alcester fire station”.

Naturally we are astounded for many reasons and some are highlighted below

We have achieved a 98.6% availability record for this year and previous years have been similar except for 2005/2006 when the figure was 100%.

Fenny Compton is an efficient retained fire station with an experienced crew having served in the region of 69 years collectively.

Our station running costs are below the average figure.

Alcester Fire Station is some 25 miles away from Fenny, how can this alter our strategic status?

When other closures are implemented, the closest Warwickshire fire station will be Southam (7 miles away) followed by Wellesbourne (12 miles away) then Leamington (14 miles away) but there is no guarantee they would be available.

Banbury fire station, a busy station, (10 miles away) could be mobilised to Fenny but Oxfordshire may make a charge to WFRS for attending incidents in Warwickshire.

It would appear that the general public in this area are deemed less important and there seems to be no urgency for the arrival of emergency services.

In our area we have the largest ammunition depot in Europe, Compton Buildings, On Time, Aston Martin, Land Rover, M40 motorway, Farnborough Hall, Upton House, numerous farms, two major roads and several country roads and most importantly some 1000 or so households including around 325 in Fenny alone.

A public meeting will be held and we believe Paul Fuller will present the proposals.  This will give the residents of Fenny Compton and surrounding villages an opportunity to see what is going on and to voice their opinions.  We have a provisional date for Thursday 8th October starting at 6:30pm possibly at the fire station but at the time of writing we are not too sure of the venue.

There is going to be a public consultation period that will end at the beginning of December 2009 when a final decision will be made.  Over this 12 week period we need to rally as much support as possible and ask that you write to your MP and local Councillors expressing concerns over this issue.

Fenny Compton Fire Station was opened in 1965 and over the years crews have attended a wide variety of incidents.  Since the opening of the M40 motorway our services have been required more often and we have been a busy station for many years.  According to the recently issued Parish Plan, 96% of residents support the Fire Station.  In a hope to avoid the closure of our station it will be necessary to organise a campaign so that Fenny Compton and all surrounding villages retain this important facility.  At the time of writing this is being organised and a web site has been set up at   fenny.firemen.co.uk   to enable everyone with internet access to follow the issue.  There is also an e-mail address fenny@firemen.co.uk where you can voice your support for our fire station.  Additionally we have a facebook presence, Fenny Firestation that you can view.

Please bear in mind, if the closure goes ahead there will be no going back and Fenny Compton will lose the Fire Appliance for good!  Make your views and opinions known by making contact with all appropriate MP’s and Councillors and try to e-mail your supporting comments to   fenny@firemen.co.uk  

Please support your local Fire Station

Crew Manager Paul Whinmill,

Fenny Compton Fire Station

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