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1.If the Contractor has a federal affirmative action plan approval which consists of a valid letter from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, the Contractor should submit a photo copy of its letter of approval.

2.If the Contractor has a certificate of employee information report, the Contractor shall submit a photo copy of the certificate.

3.If the Contractor has none of the above, the contracting unit shall provide the Contractor with an (A.A.302) affirmative action employee information report.  

C.  If the Contractor does not submit the affirmative action document within the required time period the [CONTRACTING UNIT] may extend the deadline by a maximum of the fourteen calendar days.  Failure to submit the affirmative action document by the fourteenth calendar day shall be cause for the [CONTRACTING UNIT] to declare the Contractor to be non-responsive and to award the contract to the next lowest bidder.  


The Contractor shall execute and submit at the time and place specified in the award notice a vehicle dedication affidavit which at a minimum shall attest that:  The successful bidder will dedicate a fixed number of vehicles, reasonably calculated to meet the requirements of these bid specifications; or to the extent that dedication of a fixed number of vehicles is not feasible, the Contractor shall covenant that the [CONTRACTING UNIT] will only be accountable for its proportional share of the waste contained in the collection vehicle and shall be assessed charges based only on its share of the waste at the time of disposal.


Any discrepancy between a numerical price and a price written in words shall be resolved in favor of the price as written in words.  Any discrepancy between the unit price multiplied by the quantity and a corresponding total price figure set forth in the Proposal Forms(s) shall be resolved in favor of a total price reached by multiplying the unit price by the quantity.  The corrected total shall be used to determine the award of the contract.  After all Bid Proposals have been read, the bids will be tabulated and adjusted, if necessary, in accordance with this paragraph.  If any

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Compliance and Enforcement, Office of Local Environmental Management

Uniform Bid Specifications

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