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Defines whether and which files are stored in the cache. If you have a LightScribe® burner, you can create or select the label that is to be printed on this tab. For the CD-ROM (ISO) disc type, you can convert the code for an AVI video to make it compatible with Xvid/MPEG-4 or DivX.We recommend that you only convert the code if you have experience with FourCC codes and AVI videos.

Audio CD

Contains options for configuring audio files. You can also enter additional information about the CD (see Audio CD Tab).

CDA Options

Defines the strategy used by Nero Burning ROM for handling CD- DA files from a source audio CD (see CDA Options Tab).


Contains options for configuring albums (see CD EXTRA Tab).

Video CD

Contains general options for Video/Super Video CD (see Video CD Tab).


Allows you to configure the appearance and content of the menu for the Video/Super Video CD (see Menu Tab).

Audiobook CD

Displays statistical information on the audiobook CD, such as the number of CDs required.


Contains options for configuring a bootable disc (see Bootable Disc and Boot Tab).


Contains options for configuring burning (see Burn Tab).

New Compilation

6.1.1 Multisession Tab

The Multisession tab provides the option to create multisession discs for data discs. Multisession discs can be burned in multiple sessions until you have reached the maximum disc capacity. A session is a self-contained data area that is burned using a single process, and consists of a lead-in (with the table of contents), one or more tracks, and a lead-out. Discs without the multisession option, e.g. audio CDs, are burned in a single session.

Multisession discs are particularly suitable for backing up important files burned on a regular basis.

If a new multisession disc is being started, Nero Burning ROM also saves (if possible) the point of origin for the files. This information is used when continuing the multisession disc.

If a multisession disc is being continued, Nero Burning ROM automatically sets a cross reference to the imported session, i.e. the table of contents for the imported session is copied to the table of contents for the current session. You must define which session is being imported at the start of the burn process. The files in the previous sessions are retained and continue to take up space.

In the case of unchanged files, a cross reference is set to the file of the same name in the previous session. Check the Replace files in compilation and Add new files to compilation boxes to ensure that changes and new files are incorporated into the table of contents and burned again. The boxes are checked by default. In this case Nero Burning ROM automatically verifies whether the correct multisession disc has been inserted for continuation. If not, the disc is ejected.

If you uncheck the Finalize disc box on the Burn tab, you can always write additional sessions to the disc, but then only the last session will be visible and you will only be able to access data from the last session.

Nero Burning ROM


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