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New Compilation

Fig. 4: Multisession tab

The Multisession tab contains the following radio buttons in the Multisession area:

Burns the selected compilation in one session to the disc.

Start Multisession Disc

If the disc already contains sessions, you can also select this option. Sessions are then not imported and cross references are not set.

Continue Multisession Disc

Continues a multisession disc by burning an additional session to a disc with at least one session. Cross references to the imported session are set in the process.

No Multisession

Creates a disc without a multisession.

The Options area is only active if the Continue Multisession disc radio button is selected. It contains the following configuration options:

Refreshes the session by creating a cross reference to the imported session.

Refresh compilation when importing session check box

This function is useful if backups are always being burned from the same folder in which most of the files are the same. The cross reference saves space.

If you want to burn totally different files in a further session, we recommend that you uncheck the box.

Burns files of the same name again. This enables you to ascertain when the file should be burned again:

Replace files in compilation check box

  • Archive Attribute Set

  • File date or length changed

  • File content changed

  • Always

If the box is unchecked, Nero Burning ROM sets a cross reference to the file in the previous session.

We recommend that you uncheck this box for backup discs.

Nero Burning ROM


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