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New Compilation

Album area

Album Identification text box

Defines a name for the album. This is particularly useful when the album is to comprise several CDs.

Number of volumes in album text box

Defines the number of discs that the compilation should contain.

Album set sequence number text box

Defines the album number of the current disc.

Pictures button

Opens the CD EXTRA Pictures window where you can select the pictures for the front and flipside of the CD and define the picture format.

Localization area

Languages display panel

Displays available languages. When you select a language, you can add the title for the album in the Album title text box.

Add button

Opens the New Language window where you can select a new language from a country list.

Delete button

Deletes the selected language.

Album Title text box

Adds an album title to the language highlighted in the Languages list box.

6.1.8 Video CD Tab

The Video CD tab provides the following configuration options for Video CD (VCD) and Super Video CD (SVCD):

Generation area

Create standard compliant CD check box

Generates a VCD/SVCD which can be played in a DVD player.

Store source pictures in check box

Generates an extra directory in the VCD/SVCD folder structure where the source formats of the pictures are stored automatically. You can assign a separate name for the extra directory.

Encoding resolution option fields

Defines the color format to which the video files will be converted; the option buttons PAL and NTSC are available.

The PAL option - the dominant color format in Europe - is selected by default.

Advanced area - Video CD disc format

Use CD-I app check box


Creates a VCD that can be played in a CD-i player. The respective program code is in the Configuration text box.

Advanced area - Super Video CD disc format

Compatibility button

Opens the Super Video CD Compatibility Options window where you can set non-standard parameters for the SVCD. We recommend that you only use this option if you are familiar with standard formats and the creation of SVCDs.

Nero Burning ROM


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