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Try to fit to disc size option field

Automatically adjusts the bit rate to the disc size entered.

User defined option field

Selects a bit rate.

New Compilation

When adding pictures to a VCD/SVCD, Nero Burning ROM automatically creates a slide show. The image files contained in it are stored in a DAT file. This kind of file can no longer be modified or viewed using an image processing program. If you would like to save the original formats as well, check the Store source pictures in box.

6.1.9 Menu Tab The following check box is available on the Menu tab for Video CD (VCD) and Super Video


Enable menu check box

Enables the menu for the VCD/SVCD and the grayed-out Menu and Text areas.

Menu area

Layout combo box

Selects the menu layout.

Header / Footer check box

Adds a default header or footer. Note that you must enter the content of the header and footer in the respective text boxes in the Text area.

Background mode combo box

Defines how the wallpaper is inserted, for example whether it should be maximized or minimized.

Background image combo box and button

Selects the wallpaper. You can also select none or load your own image. You can also define the color of the wallpaper.

Text area

Header / Footer input options

Specifies the header/footer text, font options and shadow.

Elements / Reference

input options


Specifies text, font options and shadow for elements (lines and miniature view label) and references for elements.

Display first page check box

Opens the Menu Preview window which displays a preview of the menu.

As default button

Saves the current menu settings as default values.

The Boot tab provides configuration options for the bootable disc. The following configuration options are available in the Source of boot image data area:

Bootable logical drive option field and combo box

Selects a logical drive for the template data.

Image File option field and combo box

Selects an image file for the template data.

6.1.10 Boot Tab

Nero Burning ROM


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