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New Compilation

You can configure expert settings in the Advanced area. It may be necessary to make changes for certain image files. Refer to the documentation for relevant information on the boot image. We recommend that you only change the settings if you are familiar with creating bootable discs and boot images. The following configuration options are available:

Enable expert features Enables the following configuration options.

check box

Emulation Type combo box

Selects an emulation type.

Start Message text box

Defines the message that opens during booting.

Load segment of sectors text box

Defines where the boot image starts and how the sectors behave after booting.

Number of loaded sectors text box

Defines how many sectors will be loaded.

    • 6.2

      Creating a New Compilation To create a new compilation, proceed as follows.

    • 1.

      Select the disc type you want from the drop-down menu in the New Compilation window. The burner you have installed will determine which disc type (CD, DVD, HD DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc) can be burned. If the burner can only burn CDs, the combo box is grayed out. But with Nero Image Recorder which is installed in Nero Burning ROM you will always be able to create an image (see Image File) even if you have not installed a burner. Æ The combo box shows the disc formats that can be burned using this disc type.

    • 2.

      Select the disc format you want from the combo box. Æ The tabs for this disc format are displayed. Select the Copy CD and Copy DVD entries to go to the copy process (see Copying).

Browse button

Opens the Open window where you can select an image file.

Boot Language combo box

Selects the language that appears when the drive boots.

  • 3.

    Configure the options you want in the tabs (see New Compilation Window).

  • 4.

    Click on the New button.


The New Compilation window is closed and the selection screen is opened. You have successfully created a new compilation. Now you can add files to the compilation (see File Selection).

Nero Burning ROM


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