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File Selection

Green capacity bar

The data will fit on the disc.

Yellow capacity bar (from the yellow mark on the scale)

The data might fit on the disc. The size of the disc that has been inserted will determine whether the data will fit or not.

Red capacity bar (from the red mark on the scale)

The data will not fit on the disc (unless you have inserted an oversize disc).

The yellow and red marks are set by default for discs that are commercially available. The disc type you have selected will determine the exact scale value.

For example, blank CDs are available with a capacity of 650 MB or 700 MB. Therefore the yellow mark is set for CDs at 650 MB and the red at 700 MB.

If the capacity scale is hidden, you can show it again by clicking on the File > Options > Show compilation size menu and by checking the box Show compilation size in the Nero status bar.


Selecting Files

You select files by dragging them from the browser area to the compilation area in the selection screen. The same principle is used for all disc formats.

To select and compile files, proceed as follows:

  • 1.

    Select the files/folders that you want to burn from the browser area.

  • 2.

    Drag the required files/folders into the compilation area. Æ The files/folders are displayed in the compilation area and the capacity bar indicates how much space is required on the disc.

Nero Burning ROM supports virtual search folders in the Windows Vista™ operating system. The search is selecrted by dragging it into the compilation area. If you want to select the files of the search folder, you must open the search folder and drag the files into the compilation.

3. If you want to save the compilation with the selected files:

1. Click on the



The Save As window is opened.

2. Select a file name and a storage location and click on the Save button.


The compilation is saved and the Save As window is closed.


You have successfully selected the files for burning and can now start the burn process (see Burning a Compilation).

Nero Burning ROM


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