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File Selection


File Selection Details

There are certain details that you need to bear in mind when selecting files.

7.3.1 Audio CD Two additional buttons are available in the compilation area for the audio CD disc format:

Play Edit

Plays the selected audio file. Opens Nero WaveEditor.

Nero WaveEditor is an application in the Nero 8 Suite and is automatically installed while Nero 8 is being installed.

You can use Nero WaveEditor to create your own audio files or to edit existing ones. You can also digitize records and store them on the hard drive. For further information refer to the Nero WaveEditor manual.

Source audio files for an audio CD may be stored on your hard drive as compressed audio files, or originate from one or more audio CDs. You can also select an M3U playlist as the source. Nero Burning ROM automatically finds the MP3 audio files for burning whose paths are stored in the M3U playlist.

Audio CDs with copy protection have been on the market for a while. It is not possible to either play or copy these using a computer. The copy protection is identifiable by a notice on the cover of the original CD.

If you select audio files directly from an audio CD in a drive, you cannot specify a CD Text for the CD because audio files that have a drive as the source can only be burned in track- at-once mode. CD Text can only be burned in disc-at-once mode. If you want to specify a CD text for the audio files you have selected from the audio CD, save the audio files to your hard drive (see Saving Audio Files) and then add them to the compilation.

When you drag the required audio file into the compilation area, the Adding file(s) window is opened and the file analyzed. If you have selected a file from an audio CD, the Enter Source CD Name window is opened where you are asked to assign a name to this CD.

The name that you assign to the CD is used by default as part of the file name. The name is also important if you select audio files from multiple audio CDs. During the burn process, Nero Burning ROM prompts you to insert the required CD and quotes the CD name you selected.

You can edit the audio files in the compilation or change the properties (see Audio Track Properties window).

7.3.2 Mixed Mode CD and CD EXTRA

The selection screen for the disc formats Mixed Mode CD and CD EXTRA contains one compilation area for audio tracks and one for data files.

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