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Read retry count text box

Establishes the number of attempts that are made to correct errors.

Fast reading without error correct option field

Performs fast reading without error correction.

Handling of non-correctable read errors area for the disc type DVD

Ignore read errors check box

Ignores read errors on the original disc. If this box is unchecked, Nero Burning ROM may interrupt

the burn process depending on the type of error.

With certain disc formats such as video CD and audio CD, read errors often have little or no impact because they are not perceptible when the CD is played.

Subchannel data contains additional information such as CD text or information on positions.

11.3 Copying a Disc

If you are not in possession of the copyright for the relevant disc and do not have authorization from the owner of the copyright, unauthorized copying violates national and international legislation.

Copy-protected Audio CDs cannot be copied using Nero Burning ROM.

To copy a disc, proceed as follows:

  • 1.

    Click on the Copy button in the main screen. Æ The New Compilation window is opened.

  • 2.

    Select the disc type you want from the drop-down menu. Your installed burner or drive will determine which disc type (CD, DVD, HD DVD and/or

Blu-ray Disc) you can select. If the burner can only burn CDs, the combo box is grayed out. But with Nero Image Recorder which is installed in Nero Burning ROM, you will always be able create an image (see Image File) even if you have not installed a burner.

  • 3.

    Select the options required on the tabs (see Compilation Window).

  • 4.

    If you want to copy discs using the copy-over-image method:

    • 1.

      Uncheck the On the fly box on the Copy Options tab.

    • 2.

      Insert the disc that you want to copy into the burner.

    • 3.

      Click on the Copy button.


A screen is displayed and a progress bar indicates the progress made while the temporary image file is being created. When the image file has been created, the disc is ejected. The Burner name: Waiting for Disc window is opened.

4. Remove the ejected original disc and insert the blank disc.


The burn or copy process starts. On the screen a progress bar indicates the progress being made during the burn or copy process.

Nero Burning ROM


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