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Audio Database


Audio Database

In Nero Burning ROM you can create, edit, and use audio databases. The database files contain information on the title, artist, and audio files of an audio CD. You can also use the database from the www.freedb.org web page; Nero Burning ROM provides an interface for this.

    • 12.1

      Creating an Audio Database In order to be able to use a database in Nero Burning ROM, you must first create it. Nero Burning ROM provides two types of database:

      • Program database

      • User database

12.1.1 Creating a Program Database

You can use Nero Burning ROM to create a program database. The program database is populated with entries from the Internet database on the www.freedb.org website. Once you have created the program database, it is located locally on your hard drive.

The advantage over use of the interface is that you have fast read access to the database and can also change the entries in the database. No active Internet connection is required. The disadvantage, however, is that the program database cannot be updated automatically. In order to record information on recently issued Audio CDs, you must re-import the database or add the Audio CD to the database manually (see Adding a Database Entry).

There are two steps involved in the creation of a program database in Nero Burning ROM:

  • Download a database from the Internet

  • Import this database to Nero Burning ROM

To create the program database, proceed as follows:

1. Download the database from the www.freedb.org website and save the database on your hard drive.

The database is at least 160 MB. Downloading of the database does not take place in Nero Burning ROM. Nero AG is not responsible for the www.freedb.org website, but just provides an interface to it.

2. Click on the Database > Import Internet Database menu in the main Nero Burning ROM screen.

Æ A dialog box is opened informing you that the import may take several hours.

The import takes a long time because of the sheer size of the database and the numerous cross references that Nero Burning ROM creates. Although you can cancel the procedure at any time, we advise against it because the procedure cannot be resumed. The database would have to be imported again, which would involve duplicate entries.

3. Click on the Yes button.

Æ A dialog box is opened, prompting you to download the database files from wwww.freedb.org.

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