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Saving and Converting Audio Files

Fig. 20: mp3PRO window - Encoding options for MP3 and MP3PRO files

The following encoding options are available: Settings area

Encoder quality combo box

Specifies the encoder quality. Fast, Medium and Highest entries are available. These settings specify whether you place more value on fast encoding (Fast) or \more value on a superior psychoacoustic encoder model for the very best results (Highest).

Selects a constant bit rate, i.e. the data flow per unit of time and the quality of the saved data, is the same over the entire audio file.

Constant Bit Rate check box

If the bit rate is small, less data is transferred, the file is then small, but quality is lower. If the bit rate is high, more data is transferred, the file size is then large, but the quality is high. The default value of 128 for MP3 files is near CD quality.

Select the options in the combo box that affect the bit rate: scan rate per second in kbit, scan frequency per second in Hertz and the channels.

Variable Bit Rate check box

Selects variable bit rate, i.e. the data flow per unit of time and the quality of the saved data, adapts to the dynamic of the audio file. The bit rate, for example, can be lowered at quieter points in the track.

Select your desired quality level in the combo box.

Bottom area

Specifies the encoder method used.

Enable Mp3PRO check box

If you enable the check box, an MP3PRO file is created (*.mp3 file extension). If you disable the check box, an MP3 file is created (also *.pm3 file extention).

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