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File Browser

Contains options for configuring the file browser.


Contains options for configuring compilations, burning, the database, the user interface as well as advanced settings for Nero Burning ROM.


Contains options for configuring LightScribe® burners such as the print contrast (quality), default drive, and default template for instance.

This tab is only available if a LightScribe® burner has been installed.

18.2 Expert Features

The Expert Features tab in the Options window provides you with further configuration options for burning and overburning for instance. You can restore the default feature at any time by simply clicking on the Restore button.

Using Nero Burning ROM you can overburn a disc beyond the specified capacity. You can

display the capacity of a disc using the

button. Tolerances in the manufacturing process

often cause the actual rewritable area on the disc to exceed the maximum specified capacity. This additional area is often 2-3 minutes long, but may also be shorter or longer.

It is not technically possible to establish the precise extent of the excess capacity prior to burning.

During the overburn process, the following difficulties may arise:

Read errors, sound errors, incorrectly written data, and error messages during the burn process.

Theoretically the burner could be damaged.

The following configuration options are available:

Enable Disc-at-once CD overburning

Enables overburning for CDs in disc-at-once mode.

Relative maximum overburning size

Defines the relative maximum overburning size. The position of the yellow mark on the capacity indicator also changes. Caution: This is only a visual signal and does not create any extra space on the disc.

Absolute maximum overburning size

Defines the absolute maximum overburning size. The position of the red mark on the capacity indicator also changes. Caution: This is only a visual signal and does not create any additional space on the disc.

Enable DVD overburning

Enables overburning for DVDs. If the box is checked, you can specify the maximum DVD size in the text box.

Enable generation of short lead-out

Writes a short lead-out for CDs that are being burned in disc- at-once mode. This creates additional capacity of about 12 MB.

Do not eject disc after burning

Does not eject the disc after the burn process is complete.

Disable finalizing for burning a disc image

Disables finalizing when an image file is saved.

Nero Burning ROM


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