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Standard for video and television in the United States and Japan. NTSC has more frames per second than PAL, but has fewer horizontal lines.


Format for digitalized or compressed audio files that have been encoded with the Vorbis method. OGG Vorbis is an Open Source encoder.


Video and TV standard in Europe. PAL has more horizontal lines than NTSC, but has fewer frames per second.

Photo CD

CD which is used for storing images, photos, slides, and other visual data. A photo CD generally consists of multisessions. The standard originates from Kodak and Philips.

Plug-in Software used to add other features to a program (software) or to support troubleshooting.

Buffer underrun

Buffer underruns are caused when there is an interruption to the flow of data to the internal buffer of the burner. This is can be the fault of the software or the hardware itself. When recording, data is fed continuously to the burner's buffer in order to keep a steady flow of data which is required when recording. When something interrupts that steady flow, it can cause a buffer underrun and your disc is no longer useable.

Most modern burners have a protective mechanism against buffer underruns.

Red Book This standard describes the CD-DA.


Small Computer System Interface. Bus system to which different terminal devices such as a SCSI hard drive, streamers or a CD burner may be connected. At this time, SCSI is the only possibility of operating a CD-burner on a typically-used computer system.


Smallest addressable information unit on a CD. A sector is composed of 2,352 bytes of which - depending on the type of CD used - differing amounts are available as user data. A sector generally consists of a header, synchronization bits, and user data. It may also have error detection and correction data. A drive with a basic read speed of 1/75 seconds is required to read a sector.


Discs such as CDs and DVDs are divided into tracks and sessions. A session is a self- contained data area that is burned using a single process, and consists of a lead-in, one or more tracks, and a lead-out. In principle, a session is comparable to the partition on a hard drive. A multisession disc can contain multiple sessions.

Nero Burning ROM


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