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Write-up for Tracking Local Assistance

Environmental Milestones (LP2000)


Caltrans also tracks and reports on environmental milestones for all local agency federal-aid projects off the State Highway System, or local assistance projects.  Environmental milestones on local assistance projects are captured in a central data repository called LP2000.  LP2000 allows staff to access real-time project information for any Local Assistance project and systematically track the NEPA processing timeframes for all Local Assistance projects under the Pilot Program.  Additionally, staff can produce their own LP2000 reports and reduce the amount of time to obtain answers to project questions.  

LP2000 will be used to evaluate whether the streamlining objectives of the Pilot Program are being achieved for local agency federal-aid projects “off” the State Highway System.  Information from LP2000 will also be incorporated into required monitoring reports related to the Pilot Program, including FHWA’s audit report; Caltrans’ quarterly performance reports under Section 6004; and Caltrans’ report to the State Legislature related to its waiver of sovereign immunity, as required by Assembly Bill  (AB) 1039.  

The fields in LP2000 are completed by district local assistance environmental staff, with assistance as needed, by the five new Local Assistance NEPA Delegation Coordinators.

All applicable environmental data fields in LP2000 must be completed based on the guidance below.  For some projects, especially projects processed with a CE, many of the data fields will not be relevant.  If a data field is not applicable, it is simply left blank.  

Each District/Region is responsible for keeping the environmental fields in LP2000 up-to-date.  It is essential that information be entered into LP2000 on an ongoing basis, as soon as the action occurs, so that information requests can be responded to within five business days.  The Division of Local Assistance will run Statewide reports as requested by the Division of Environmental Analysis.

How to Use LP2000

LP2000 includes five (5) environmental data screens:


Screen 1: Project – Environmental Milestones


Screen 2:  Environmental Assessments (EA)


Screen 3:  Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)


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