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Env. Doc. Signed By Env. Branch Chief:  Enter date PCE or CE is signed by the Environmental Branch Chief.  Enter date CE sent to FHWA. If EA or EIS, enter date

District Director signs FONSI or ROD.  Use Comments Field to capture internal delays associated with the making the NEPA determination or approving the NEPA document.

Env. Doc. Signed By Feds:  Enter date FHWA signs CE, FONSI or ROD, when applicable. Use Comments Field to capture delays associated with FHWA review/signature.   (Note:  Under NEPA Delegation, will only be applicable for projects listed above)

Env. Doc.:  Use Type drop down arrow to select the environmental document identified on the PES form.  Use Comments Field to:


Indicate if local agency is preparing a Joint NEPA/CEQA


Identify the type and status of CEQA document being prepared


Clarify upgrade/downscope of doc type from original recommendation in PES

Environmental Studies Milestones

Study Type:  Use Study Type drop down arrow to select all required study types identified in Section B of the PES.  

Received by DLAE:  Enter date stamp received by the DLAE.  

Rec By Dist Env:  Enter date received by District Environmental staff.

Agency: Use Agency drop down arrow to select the resource or regulatory agency that the particular technical study/report is being sent to for concurrence/opinion. When the same technical study/report will be sent to multiple agencies (i.e., BA or BE to USFWS and NMFS), list Study Type (BA or BE) twice in the Study Type column, and then under Agency, select USFWS for one and NMFS for the second.

Date Sent to Agency:  Enter date of District Environmental transmittal letter forwarding complete and accurate technical study/report to resource/regulatory agency.

Date Returned from Agency:  Enter date stamp received by either the DLAE or District Environmental.

Delay (Yes/No): Use Delay drop down arrow to indicate “Yes” if:


USFWS or NMFS exceed 135 days in issuing a Biological Opinion (BO)


USFWS or NMFS exceed 30 days in issuing a Concurrence Letter


SHPO exceed 30 days in issuing a Programmatic Agreement


Excessive delays occur during resource/regulatory agency review


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